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"Robbie is an excellent teacher. He is patient,
kind, encouraging, flexible and goes the extra
mile in helping you be the best drummer you
can be" - Ben Goodyear, Hove

Tailored to You

  • Bespoke lessons that achieve your goals
  • Relaxed, fun and friendly sessions
  • Flexible lesson times
  • All abilities welcome from beginner to expert
  • 100% grading pass rate
"I was impressed by Robbie's prefessional approach and infectious enthusiasm for music and drumming. he takes the time to understand ehat students want to achieve and tailors his approach accordingly."
- Nick Ambrose, Saltdean

Teaching Approach

My aim is to make you feel comfotable and creative; learning drums should be fun and rewarding. I use a wide range of teaching resources and concept to suit each individual, including nationally recognized programs, syllabuses and grades.
  • One to one tuition
  • Flexible lesson times
  • All genres and styles
  • Video options available
"Robbie has made my lifelong ambition to learn the drums a pleaseure through his friendly, patient, and above all, fun and enjoyable approach to teaching. I would recommend Robbie to anyone who wants to learn the drums with a smile on thier face" - Paul Carnell, Brighton

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"Since taking lessons from Robbie my playing has notably improved.
His relaxed yet enthusiastic approach makes tuition enjoyable and productive." - Andrew P, Eastbourne (video lessons)
"Robbie is a brilliant teacher. He is kind and patient but very focused.
He leads by example of passion and dedication to his art. My son loved learning the drums with Robbie and loved him! The only reason we stopped is because we came to live in America. Louie still plays the drums and even without resuming lessons he remembers all that Robbie taught him." - Polly B, Los Angeles
"In addition to being a first rate drummer, Robbie is easy going and very adaptive in his teaching style. Robbie has a wide range of practice methods and techniques to share. Robbie has really helped me to progress with my playing and to develop a more structures approach to learning drums."
- Adam W, Lewes


All lessons are 45 minutes in length. To reserve a space , payment must be made in advance of attending the lesson.

Please note cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance or the missed lesson must be paid for in full.

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More About My Approach

Everyone is different. Over the years I have found that people learn and digest new information differently, so I tend to vary my approach depending on you. For instance, some may prefer auditory information or examples, whilst others may prefer visual cues. This can also help a student become aware of thier strengths and weakness so we can pick the best material to focus on. I use a wide range of teaching resources and concepts to suit each person, some of which are listed below. Check out the resources page to see what sort of things you could be exploring.
  • Nationally recogonized programs, inluding Drumsense and Grades by Rockschool and Trinity/Guildhall/ABRSM
  • Time honoured classic texts such as The Art of The Drummer, The New Breed, The Art of Bop Drumming
  • Essential technique and rudimental studies / modern rudimental interpretation
  • Styles and genre specific ideas;Rock, Funk/breakbeat, Jazz etc.
  • Specialist / Advanced concepts from renowned modern players

About Robbie

Robbie has been drumming since the age thirteen and performing professionally since 2004. Robbie has a BA in Music from Sussex University, specialising in drums. Having studied under Adam Bushell (Sheryl Crowe, Faithless, Rhythm magazine tutor), Russell Gilbrook (Van Morrison, Tommi Iomy, Uriah Heep), and Vinny Lammy (Spice Girls, Mel C). Robbie performs sessions for artists and working bands in the UK and abroad and has played at various UK festivals.

During the last year of his degree Robbie became a Drumsense tutor to teach full time. He now teaches all over Brighton and Hove, in London, as well as internationally via video link. He has an enhanced DBS (CRB) and full public liability insurance.

"Robbie is one of the most professional musicians I have worked with. A great drummer and a pleasure to be around" - Kelly Barnes (Beverley Knight, Heaven 17)

A talented and versatile drummer; solid playing with great musicality. He is able to balance a high level of professionalism with an easy-going attitude, making him very easy to work with" - Ian Radcliffe (session/xfactor musician).

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Drumming Grades and Exams

Robbie has Grades are a great way to learn a range of skills that drummers need (including the less popular sight reading!), helping you become a well-rounded musician. That said, I will usually take a student through grades along side other subjects, such as technique, improvisation and concepts to deepen understanding which aren't necessarily covered in the exams.

A major benefit of grades is the structure and easy to track progress, plus you can earn recognised qualifications as you go. Rockschool for example are on the QCF and grades 6, 7 and 8 are worth UCAS points.

As Europe's No.1 rock music exam board, Rockscool are a popular choice. They also cover many other genres with their pieces, especially as you progress, so you can certainly diversify stylistically if you prefer. Rockschool grades are especially applicable to the contemporary approach, and as of 2018 also include commercial tracks along side their own generic play alongs.

All my students have achieved a 100% pass rate, but it is also completely up to you if you wish to take the exam or not; it's helpful material either way.
Click here to visit their website.

Trinity offer drum kit and percussion grades which give drummers a range of authentic styles to master, including jazz, funk, show tunes, film, TV, Latin, reggae and swing, as well as Rock and Pop grades that are similar to Rockschool's. You may prefer their approach to technical studies or their song choices.

Both Trinity and ABRSM snare drum exams are also available for those who wish to focus on hand technique and rudimental pieces.


It's often said that learning a wide range of styles is beneficial for a musician. I definitely encourage this as well as the study of wider approaches that can be applied in various scenarios and music generally.
That said, each style has it's own history and culture, and therefore unique drum sound. So if you're looking to play these more authentically, or if you would like to specialise, we can also go deeper.
Below are some of the books that I use in addition to grade material, so you can get an idea. Ultimately, though it's up to you!
  • Drumsense 1 & 2, The Art of The Drummer 1 & 2 - Great introductions to Rock and Pop.
  • Styles and Specialist Drummers - Groove based systems which can be applied in a plethora of styles (such as those explored in Groove Alchemy, The Breakbeat Bible, or Future Sounds)...Broader approaches like The Language of Drumming or Exploring Your Creativity on The Drumset...Niche subjects such as Double Bass Drum Freedom or Funkifying The Clave (Afro-Cuban).
  • Classic texts such as Stick Control and Syncopation - Snare drum concepts and drum set interpretations for co-ordination. Further Independence explored in the modern classic: The New Breed.
  • Rudiments - Whether it's the Swiss, American, P.A.S. 40, or Charley Wilcoxon / Buddy Rich interpretations, or modern approaches from players such as Benny Greb, the fundamental stickings are essential.
  • Jazz - A lifetime of learning in and of itself! Some of the many great books include The Essence of Jazz Drumming, The Art of Bob Drumming and Beyond Bop Drumming.

If you would like to get a head start, please explore one of the four sites below, or click on the Further Resources link for even more.
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